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The Waking Dream: A Documentary (DVD Format)


The Waking Dream: A Documentary*

In this rare interview with Colette Aboulker Muscat, award winning director, Patrick Bokanowski, captures the magic and the mystery of Colette and her unique healing method of ‘waking dream’ – what we now call mental imagery.

Born in Algeria, Colette moved to Jerusalem in 1954 where she dedicated her life to teaching and healing. In this iluminating documentary, she shares her healing philosophy and method – how imagination, light, and a well-placed ‘shock’ can trigger our innate healing capacities. Join dir. Bokanowski in exploring Colette’s unique understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection, how to tap into our innate self-healing, and how to utilize the principles of Kabbalah for healing on multiple levels.

*Please note this product is only available in DVD format.