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Waking Dream Therapy: Unlocking The Secrets of Self Through Dreams And Imagination


By Dr. Jerry Epstein

Although we are bombarded by images from TV, Advertising and the computer, few of us realize the power of our own imagination to heal ourselves. This book provides an innovative and fascinating guide to the clinical use of dreams, daydreams and fantasies. Synthesizing scientific understanding of contemporary physics, psychology and neurology with his understanding of imagination, Dr. Epstein presents a unique approach to psychotherapy that is a radical departure from most current methods of treatment for human suffering drawing on modes of therapy known to the Western world prior to the advent of technological and natural science. In essence, waking dream therapy consists of re–living a dream in a therapeutic setting while exploring the significant elements of the dream through a long guided imagery. The therapeutic possibilities suggested by this deep exploration of Self are then carried out by the client in daily life. Within a short time, this therapy produces lasting transformations of thinking, feeling, and behavior. The principles and practical issues in this unique therapeutic relationship are detailed with a broad array of clinical illustrations. The book includes an historic overview of the imagination as a therapeutic technique. Originally written for clinicians, the book is readily accessible to lay readers as well. Dr. Epstein identifies three elements that encompass this healing modality: (1) Waking dream (long imaginal exploration) and short guided imagery (presented in such books as Healing Visualizations); (2) Life plan; and (3) Reversing. Taken together, they form “an approach to therapy that produces lasting transformations of thinking, feeling, and behavior… within a relatively short period of time, giving the recipient hope and joy…”

Watch Dr. Jerry on the history of waking dream therapy on YouTube.